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Kit Production

Sonic Clinical Trials has designed collection kits that are easy to use. All visit components and supplies are assembled in the kit, including the study, visit and site-specific request form. Laboratory Manuals include study-specific collection instructions, accreditation certificates and reference intervals.

Automatic Kit Re-Supply

Our data base will monitor kit supplies to each site and activate additional kits as required. This system allows us to control and track the number of kits at each site and replenish as needed, reducing any excess wastage. 

Courier Logistics

Our network of courier providers ensures timely transport of all inbound and outbound pathology samples.

Our courier providers are biopharma specialists with expertise in handling biological and dry ice shipments.

All courier partners provide us with monthly performance statistics that are available to clients upon request. We are constantly working with our courier partners to ensure they provide the most cost-effective and reliable local service for both our Outbound and Inbound transportation requirements.

Sonic's logistics team has over 20+ years' experience in the coordination and transport of biological shipments across the globe.