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Reports are automatically issued following completion of testing - either by fax, email or viewable through our web port, Sonic Realtime®

Sonic Realtime® is a revolutionary proprietary new tool developed by Sonic Clinical Trials which provides continuous access to your study data and patient lab results via most popular web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Firefox® and Google Chrome®.

Closely integrated with the Sonic Clinical Trials Laboratory Information System (Artemis), Sonic Realtime® is not only a window into Artemis, it is Artemis on your desktop, engineered to provide you with continuous access to your study data and patient lab results in near real-time.

Because Sonic Realtime® is built into Artemis "it knows what we know" meaning that you can have complete confidence that any study-specific requirements, including study-specific references ranges, alerts or data blinding will be reliably preserved on the web.

Secure authentication using industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption also means that you are assured that your data is secure and only available to properly authorised and authenticated users.

Data Management

We provide accurate and timely clean data transfer, with the flexibility to customise formats based on clients needs. Sonic Clinical Trials uses the world's most advanced software for clinical trial and laboratory information management, to maintain comprehensive audit trails of all activities performed in the conduct of a clinical trial. We validate our electronic systems and processes to ensure compliance with both TGA and US21CFR11 requirements for electronic systems.

Our clinical trials system is a robust powerful platform, enabling us to customise each individual study.  Components which may be defined include data file formats, laboratory reporting requirements and protocol-specific flagging and alerts.