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Local Laboratory Services

Sonic Clinical Trials has developed a unique market solution which offers the dual advantage of providing either central laboratory or local laboratory data, depending on the requirements of your study. For the first time on a national scale, Sonic can offer clients centralisation of data in a faster, more streamlined process. By leveraging Australia’s largest diagnostic laboratory network, Sonic Clinical Trials can simplify the process of patient data management with a focus on turnaround times and patient safety  in early phase  and acute care studies .

Sonic’s local laboratories in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth have been engaged by Sonic Clinical Trials to undertake local laboratory safety testing supported by the power of Sonics’ global clinical trial management and laboratory information system, Artemis.

Working in Artemis’s predefined database, Sonic Clinical Trials is able to design studies for multi-site, multi laboratory delivery, whilst managing laboratory kits, logistics and analysis across the Sonic central and local laboratory network.  Once samples analysis and data are centralised in Artemis, we can apply custom reference range sets, blinding, exclusion criteria including toxicity, and special flagging requirements; features that were only ever possible when using a central laboratory. This allows for faster data analysis and the extraction of key decision points for clinical safety review. It also permits local data to be managed alongside your central laboratory data, which is then provided to you in a single data file.

For further information on how Sonic Clinical Trials can assist with your upcoming local laboratory requirements contact us on or +61 2 9855 6000.

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